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Are secular laws about sex enough to keep society ordered or do we need the extra religious morals about sex?
Secular laws about sex punish people for rape, sex acts with guyren, lewd behavior etc, but they don’t punish people for adultery, sexual promiscuity or bizarre sexual fetishes. Religion gives society a second set of laws about sex in the form of cultural morals that deal with these other sexual issues. Is society better for having these morals in place or do you think these morals are unnecessary?
You can keep your politics, religion and morals out of my bedroom. The key to your question is consenting adults as morality is a very subjective issue.

What is immoral to you might be natural to consenting adults. What you call a bizarre fetish might be one persons method of spicing up a long term monogamous relationship. So if someone's partner wants to be spanked, bound, hung from the rafters in a leather swing; who's business is it but theirs; as long as both are consenting.
Sleep and Sex....? Bizarre behaviour?
My bf has this thing where he starts to initiate sexual acts during his sleep. At first I thought he was awake and joking around but he isn't. Its been going on for a while. He's always been doing wierd things in his sleep, e.g. talking, walking etc but this is starting to worry me, especially because our sex life lately has been very dull and he's just never been in the mood or refuses to tell me there's any other issues. If he never wants sex why is he initiating it in his sleep?? Please help, anything bad or good is appreciated.
he suffers from sexsomnia.
Why does the government keep making absurd sex offender laws?
Why does the government keep making absurd sex offender laws instead of reforming the one that obviously do not work?

Case in point
"There's also the case of "Amber" and "Jeremy," a couple of Florida teens who took photos and videos of themselves engaged in sexual acts at Amber's house and then emailed them to Jeremy's computer. They have been convicted of "producing, directing or promoting a photograph featuring the sexual conduct of a guy." Because they were sent to his computer, Jeremy was also convicted of possession of guy pornography.

The conviction was upheld on appeal, the majority opinion stating that the "Appellant was simply too young to make an intelligent decision about engaging in sexual conduct and memorializing it."

If they were too young to make an intelligent decision, how can they then be held legally responsible for it? It's a bizarre paradox where they are too innocent to choose sex, but mature enough to choose be sex offenders. I mean, the courts didn't even release their real names, to protect them!

The dissenting judge in the case rightly pointed out the obvious, that these laws were "designed to protect guyren from abuse by others, but it was used in this case to punish a guy for her own mistake.""…
We have a case in CA currently going to court, where a 18 year old was caught having sex with his 15 year old girlfriend over 30 years ago, when there was no "sex offender" registry or Jessica's law. He pled guilty, was fined $50, and went on his way. Two years later he married the girl, and they now have three guyren and several grandguyren.

Last year he got a DUI. Under "Jessica's Law" *any* crime committed by someone who has previously committed a crime that would today be classified as a sex offense causes that offense to be re-activated and the offender registered. As a result, he has to sell his house and move. He cannot live within 2,000 feet of any school or park, which pretty much means he can live only in rural areas of the State.

Should man who had intercourse with sheep have to register as sex offender?
Apparently, this has happened in Bedford Township, Michigan. It's a bizarre case and, when you think about it, not all that straightforward. It might make sense not to consider the act "sex" at all, but under the same rubric as other animal abuse cases would be handled.
I would think that if a man has such stong sexual urges to perform bestiality, he could be capable of other deviant sex acts.

Since the justice system now goes by the motto "Better Safe Than Sorry No Matter Whose Rights It Takes Away" and no longer "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt"... then I guess they should put him on the list.

I mean, the list contains young men that were 22 when they dated a 16 year old. It contains idiots that peed off the side of a boat when another boat happened by. Since these people are not exactly pedophiles or a threat to guyren. Why not someone that had sex with an animal?
Here's another bizarre one. A member of the Florida House of Representatives...?
And listen to this, here's another bizarre one. A member of the Florida House of Representatives and the co-chairman of John McCain's Florida campaign, a man named Bob Allen, arrested for soliciting an undercover male police officer for sex. He offered to perform a sex act on the officer for $20. How broke is the McCain campaign? I knew they needed money, I had no idea. Man, that's not a good sign when you're sending guys to the men's room to raise money."

What you think!!!
The guy is claiming it is a lie. I would like to see the evidence. Until then, innocent until proved guilty.
Most bizarre situation ever - Feedbacks appreciated?
Ok, here we go. Met a girl and the first one month we communicated 15 hrs a day. Yes, 15 hrs a day for 30 days. Talked about everything. Second month, she wanted sex badly. I said we wont rush it ( infact i said it day one that sex wont be coming any sooner ). Not sure how she took it, 15 hrs started reducing. She mentioned her ex is asking her out. Her struggle ( according to her ) to decide either me or ex continued for next 2 months. Keep in mind she tried to have sex with me during those 2 months as well.

Now the most bizarre act, called me one evening, said she was so committed to her ex since the last 3 months ( news to me ), that she loves him so much ( trying to have sex with me meanwhile, talk about committment ) accusing me of something i never did and asked me not to communicate again.

Here i am who care genuinely from day one till date and this is what i get.

Its been 2 months since we communicated. Ideas welcome.
she's trying to make you jealous.

i think it's working.
Religious people who do not or cannot have sex. Are they bound to become deviants?
You hear a lot in the news about priests who abuse guyren and perform bizarre sexual acts, Do you think this is because their religion forbids them to have sex? As God designed us to be sexual creatures, isn't it a crazy thing for religious figures to do and should we not make it illegal for them to do this because its bound to leave to absurd and dangerous sexual fantasies?
For all you hear about homosexuality being "unnatural" by them (despite it existing elsewhere in nature), avoiding sex as much as they [purport to] do is extremely unnatural.
My sex buddy is acting crazy?
have this guy Ive been kinda involved with for a few months were just "friends with benefits".. and he is acting very bizarre.When were not talking he prank calls my phone.He stalks me on facebook. I left the company, and then got rehired with the same company we work for, where both he and I work for, and I ran into his friend that kinda hooked us up, and soon as his friend leaves the office,the guy I'm involved with calls into the office to the lady whom I was meeting with to quote on quote 'check in" I recently found out that he knows my new schduele, where I get off at 2 in the morning, and so he calls me 2 in the morning asking me to come to his house, he's been calling me everyday for the past couple of days to see me, then today i started my new job, and hes calling my NEW job and I recognized his voice,but he hung up.. and he tells me that I can have everything on my terms but only for me is what he told me..what do you think about this guy?
That he is a psycho stalker. RUN!!!!
What is it with him and other men after sex?
I had a one night stand with my close friend. We drifted apart, then tried to mend our freindship and now it looks like the friendship is over (because he is acting bizarre)

When men talk to me he keeps on 'warning' me that they are only after sex and it is annoying me.

He keeps telling my close male friend at parties 'Look after her'

He contradicts himself ALL of the time. He doesn't contact me and gets upset if I don't talk to him at social events, then when I talk to him he backs off.

His friends keep on telling me to talk to him and I have no clue what they are on about.

Should I talk to him on his own or avoid the guy completely? (I have been avoiding him all week)

Also I have been invited to an important event with him in it running it and I don't want to go anymore
First, you never should of had a one night stand, I think you'd agree. Second, based on what you wrote, this guy has some type of unresolved issues and sadly you have been caught up in his inner turmoil. Some people in our life are just meant to be friends at a certain level and when we attempt to leap ahead in the relationship zone we get stung. It happens to nearly all of us. That's why sex should only happen AFTER a commitment has been established, after marriage is always safe.

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