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All Comments

Do you think that most whites get black stereotypes from black comedy movies?
I watch alot of black movies and I noticed most of the ignorant questions asked by white trolls I have seen in black comedy movies. Like booty clapping and w/e. Do you think some black movies are influencing these stereyotypes?
yes, they most certainly do.

on the one hand, it can be fun to jest about our respective cultural idiosyncrasies, if that jest is in good taste and not meant to be mean spirited; on the other hand, projecting stereotypes via the media and film industry can be absolutely detrimental to the progress of black people in america. many people cannot distinguish between reality and fiction, and it is for this reason that those stereotypes that are seen by viewing audiences all over the world are difficult to combat, and they do make things much more difficult for blacks.
Are there any other series of movies like Ghetto Booty but with white guys?
I like the Ghetto Booty adult movie series and am looking for something like it with white guys instead of black guys any ideas?
There are a lot of movies like that. Do you want them with black, asian, or latin women?

I would start out with and go from there.

The big wet asses series by evil angel is a nice series too.
Tropical Thunder movie beginning with the black guy singing a song about like booty juice or somthing?
What is the name of the song it is driving me absolutly crazy????
wasn't it Booty sweat?
Why do Black people do this at the movies?
I went to the movies this afternoon. And as you all know, before the movie starts, there is a commercial that tells you to turn off your cells so you don't ruin the movie for others.
Anyways. I was almost at the middle of the movie and everybody was so into it when suddenly, U hear the typical Ghetto ring tone. Its was probably a boost mobile phone cause it was louder than the movie.. All the black people in the theater started booty clapping to that song. After that the Black woman answer the phone really loudly.. """Helllo!!!!!!""""" Why do they do that? They have the phone right in front of them. Why do they have to yell? and ruing the movie for everybody else?

This has happened to me many times.
"All the black people in the theater started booty clapping to that song...." LMFAO.
When is "Starz" going to launch a hispanic and asian channel to match their black channel?
seems wrong that Starz only gives black people their very own movie channel. No offense to black people, I enjoy watch Big Momma's House and Booty Call, but what about adding some other cultures too?
Get over it sweetie, ur barking up the wrong tree, u need to contact STARZ cause you'll never get the right answer here.
Whats that movie with some black guys roller skating called?
Its not Roll Bounce... its a movie where theres some black guys roller skating at the beginning at some roller rink called Cascade... and then theres a party at some girls house called big booty Judy...
ATL with TI and Lauren London
Did anyone see that movie, african booty scratcher?
What part struck out to you? That movie show me the harsh reality! The part that struck out to me was when the girl went to her job (at the african restaurant) the black american walked up and asked for american food (fries a burger whatever) he came in there looking for trouble and even insulted them, he was like "why y'all come to america acting like y'all better than us". That part was sad.. Because I remember a question on here just like that.
I saw the *documentary (not movie).

I thought it was decent because it showed the clashing of two cultures...
Why do most black people act so racists toward whites?
I see this all the time on the media and at school.Since I go to a mostly black school I always hear the black guys say racist stuff to the white teachers and students like "White people ain't got no booty" or "White people always doing (insert word or phrase)", especially when they get mad.

I especially can't hear the end of it in the media.Every time I turn to a show like House of Payne or anything with black people on it they always say stuff like "We as African Americans..." or "Too many black youths are...", which wouldn't be a bad thing if it wasn't always stressed.

And why do most black people always need a black role model to look up to,for example, a lil black guy wants to be a karate master but doesn't do it because he doesn't see a black man or woman doing it even when there's hundreds upon hundreds of other successful men & women who's not black doing it.

Why do most black people play the race card, like if they get kicked out a job they always go on the news crying "racial discrimination" even though 8 times out of 10, its not.Why do some feel like all white people STILL owe them something for slavery that happened years ago, the Jews were tortured by the Nazis in Germany but they don't start rioting every time a German or someone with nazi ancestors walk by,Why, because it's old news.

Another thing that gets me is how movies about black people almost ALWAYS involve someone in the hood or someone in the gang tyring to get out. Or someone cheating or getting pregnant at 16, and its suppose to represent a lot of black people accurately.

I do realize that there is still racism but that's for every race, not just for black people.Slavery was wrong but that's dead and gone.
I can't give you an answer but I must say that I agree with you 100%
I need help on this movie?
i have a question hae you guys ever heaard of a movie called black booty sistas in the hood, if not do you know any sites that might have it or info about it, yes its a porn movie dont laugh at me
Never heard of it but try going to

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