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All Comments

What about black gay men do most white men find so unattractive that they post it in their profiles?
What is it about gay black men that white men find so unattractive they feel the need to post it in their profiles for all to see? Is it the eyes, Feet, hair, or is it something I'm missing? I find this so offensive and common yet I see it in the Majority of online profiles no matter which site I happen to be on. Is there that much a cultural difference at this point and time?
i like black guys bodies and such.
What cities have the least percentage of black gay men?
I am trying to relocate to a city that has more heterosexual black men. I wanted to know what cities have the least number of black gay men.
Are you asking because you're a homophobic or because you're having a hard time trying to find a partner?
Why Do Some Gay Black Men Trust White Gay Men In Relationships?
Why are some black gay men stupid enough to date gay white men? Shouldn't they know that the only reason a white gay man would even think about dating a gay black man is because of the myth about black male penis size?

I am a gay black man, and have been stupid enough to trust white gay men. Most GWM think all black gay men have HIV, for starters...
You're quite rude, you know?
Why wouldn't they trust them?
Why do gay White men and gay Black men love each other so much?
It seem like half of all gay relationships are interracial or something. I just saw two happy gay men walking down the street and one was a little ginger man and the other was this cute black guy. They seemed so gay and so happy together! It was cute.

Have you ever noticed this?? Gay men love the interracial stuff.
But the straight ones seem to hate each other, haha. weird.
That is true. Lesbians do that a lot as well. My male cousin who is gay loves white men. For me, I only date black women but it's rare for black gays to not be in a interracial relationships. Gays already get hated on so why not go the full mile and get into a interracial relationship? lol. But yea I see where you are coming from. This may also due to the lack of black gays. There are more *out* white gays than *out* black gays. Most gays are over the racial stuff.
Is it weird that I relate to gay black men more than straght black men even though Im straight?
Its very difficult to hold more than a 5 minute conversation (outside the topics of women, hip-hop, or sports) with straight black men.Today gay black men are to an extent more intellectual than straight ones..

Do you agree?
Gay men share a certain competitive nature (towards finding a partner) as women. They put more effort into being well-rounded and interesting... They're also more sensitive about the world in genera. I think. It's just my observation... All human beings are different, so I'm making generalizations here.
Why do most black gay men act effeminately?
I'm not racist or a troll. I've just noticed this. My father is black and gay, and he's very masculine. But it seems most are feminine, more so than white gay men.
This isn't true at all, you obviously want to jump to random assumptions. Most gay black men are very straight acting/masculine. You just wouldn't realize because they are cable of hiding it well. In my opinion this would be my list of most effeminate gay men

1. Asian gay men, they act very camp
2. White gay men
3. latino guys
4. black gay men

Most gay black men hide their sexuality very well. most do not act effeminate.Travel to atlanta and new york and most of the gay black men are masculine.
Is it wrong for a black gay man to be more attracted to white gay men?
I'm black and gay, and am more attracted to white men. My boyfriend/fiance is white.
No, your personal preferences concerning the type of guys you like are not necessarily wrong. I assume you prefer white men simply for mainly aesthetic reasons, am I correct? As long as you don't view this race as inherently better than any other in some or every subjective aspect (intelligence, romantic ability, etc.) then everything is fine.

Plus, it's kinda hard to ignore those blue eyes and pink lips...ahem...maybe I should just end it here lol.
Why do some gay black men chase after white men?
Ok. This probably makes me ignorant or what not. But I find it pathetic when black men who are gay chase after white men.
because they are tired of how easy it is for them to get gang bangers with their pants already around their ankles so they go for a challenge....
Why is it that alot of gay white men find black men unattractive?
I'm a gay black male in my twenties terribly attracted to white males, but alot of them tend say in their ads 'not into blacks' or sometimes 'not into blacks or asians'. My heart always sinks. Are there cities where people are more open minded or where some white men like blacks? I appreciate your comments.
This isn't a simple answer. From what I understand our attraction is a combination of a lot of different factors, many of them gained through our upbringing. As we grow, we get all these signals as to what is attractive, what is socially acceptable, and from this we apply what our biology tells us is attractive. with this combination I believe that we devise what we think is as attractive.
Why are both masculine and feminine gay black men coming across so negative?
My experience(not being racist) is that masculine black men are in the closet and presenting themselves as thugs in public. The feminine black men are loud, ghetto, materialistic, two faced and belligerent. Not being racist, in fact, I'd like to date a black guy but not if he has any of the characteristics I mentioned above. Do you know any gay black men who are out of the closet yet laid back, humble and fun loving?
Do NOT generalize. I really like the point one of the answerers made about masculine white gays being superficial, arrogant jerks and feminine white gays being bitchy, gossipy attention whores. You'd be really mad if someone made that generalization about white gays, wouldn't you? So, if you can find an "out of the closet yet laid back, humble and fun loving" white gay male, then you best believe that there are black gay males like that too. In fact, I have my masculine attributes about me, but I am not a thug and I'm not in the closet. I also have some feminine tendencies about me but I am not two faced and loud. Ghetto? Only when I'm mad, otherwise, I'm a well-spoken, educated, humble black man with goals, dreams, ambitions and desires for nothing more than a loving, caring, smart partner with serious goals in life.

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