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Where can i find free and good spay painting guides? (videos.)?
I am looking for some guides that would help me progress my skill in spray painting, im currently an a mature and i do a lot of "space paintings" which i do fairly well. I need help finding some Free video guides that would help me with different paintings such as a sky / cityscape / people / animals. And any other cool ideas that you may have. Thank you.
I suggest you browse You Tube and search for "spray painting art", lots of videos to choose from and you may stike lucky
Free Hosting sites for pics and videos?
I am looking for a site like photobucket. I own a forum site and bandwidth is not great so rather than upload pics and videos directly to site I want to suggest to users they use a hosting site. However there is a catch. We have a section on site called "Mature Content", this section allows adult pics and videos on it. so I need a hosting site that allows such pics/videos as photobucket does not
It's in Japanese, but it's pretty much Photobucket. Google translator, If you have the Google Toolbar, will translate it, and If you don't, it's pretty straightforward anyway.I think you can make your profile private, so the company, Hatena, won't care.
PS: I haven't uploaded anything... umm... lets say "BAD", so I wouldn't know. Just give it a go.
(Please Answer) Free Training/Taming Websites & Videos?
Hi! I'm getting a six or seven or week old Tiel (Cockatiel) that is from a professional breeder, not a back-yard breeder, is not sexed yet, and is hand-fed. I am supposed to get my Tiel Sunday, May 11,18, or 25. I've already found a cage, and I did my research, and everything. I know when they are young they are pretty easy to train/tame. But when they are older and more mature, and when they go through their first molt, they become a lot harder to train and tame. So please give me help or advice on taming and training. Tips would be appreciated!

Easy 10 Points!
Go to the Bird Talk Magazine part of my site on the link below. There are great articles on taming and training birds.

Also, have the breeder's phone number handy, young tiels are notorious for regressing when they have been handfed and you need to know the signs.

Don't forget a well bird check at the vet!
How do you add magic effects to movies? What free programs can I use?
I am 14 years old so I cannot afford to buy any programs. Are there any good movie editing softwares out there for free that can add magic effects to home made movies?
To see what kind of magic I am talking about, please go to this link:

Don't worry, there's nothing bad with it so you can watch it. Please tell me any video editing programs you know of to add these. I would also like to add the flying effects. Please watch the rest of the video to see what I mean. I would really appreciate it if you could give me an answer. Remember, only free programs please. Also, straight and mature answers please as I want to avoid any conflict. Only straight to the point as some people just answer in (pointless) ways just to get points.Thanks.
windows movie maker can do this
(otherthan that, I think there r no freeware programmes)

Gud Luk.
Can mature video games have a negative affect on my 12 year old son?
He is a very mature boy for his age and his friends are also good guys. However, they all play mature games like Halo, Assassins Creed, etc...I worry about the fact that he loves these games and plays them whenever he has free time. Could these games have affect him in a bad way if he continues to play them. He's only 12, how will it be when he's 18...
lmao, Violence is ok, but not sex? LOL
What do Christians believe about this. Atheist feel free to jump in i know you will anyway?
Watch these 2 videos and let me know what you think. I think this video real helped me be a better christian. And to all the atheists how did it make you feel. Only mature christians if you are going to participate

Part 1-…

Part 2-…
Wow, what a great video. I have only watched part 1 so far. What he said about those who speak against the sin in the church getting condemned is all too true. We were kicked out of a baptist church because we spoke against adultery that was being allowed and not confronted. We were accused of being unloving and intolerant.
Are the humans destined to not love each other? (mature viewers only)?
What happened to the universal teaching of loving our neighbors?

This was the first thought striking to my head while watching the two video footages below.

As I was witnessing the stylized murdering of two tribes of the human kind, I realized nothing but a sad destiny of the humans that are to kill their neighbors.

As the sun had rose and downed yesterday, it will rise again tomorrow.
The killing had happened yesterday, and it will happen again tomorrow.

Can we all just meet each other face to face, and say, “stop!” at one point? I am afraid not, and this is what makes me feel dark.

The two video footages I am about to show will bring you to the view point of the each sides- one from the insurgents’ side, and the other from the American side.

Those videos sensitively cry out to us how humans can be cold to each other.

The footages have some violent war images, and I recommend only to the mature viewers.

I would like to hear you comment. Please leave any messages, and feel free to open up any kind of discussions.

Thank you for reading.

Here is the first video;

And the second video;
Since my memories are full of dispairing proof of mankind's inhumane treatment of my brothers and sisters, I chose not to expose myself to further atrocities by viewing your videos. America was built on such atrocities. Peaceful natives who shared their food and skills to survive in the forests through difficult winters were guynapped and enslaved to build the beautiful cities of the master tribes. There are peaceful homes awaiting those who learn to appreciate that humans are family and should treat others as they wish to be treated. God grants hope and so I have it.
I need a mature guy's perspective-I feel like my relationship is going nowhere?
I've dated my boyfriend now for a year and a half...I love him very dearly. He loves me and is faithful to me, treats me pretty well and has no interest in ending our relationship (unless he's lying to me)...Plus he is and he is my best friend. I would do just about anything for him...problem is, I am not so sure he would do anything for me...we frequently "talk" about how we want to move in together very soon, but so far he has not taken the steps to get to financial security. He works hard but unless he goes back to school I feel like he will always had financial problems. He still lives with his mom (he is in his mid 20's) and has bounced from job to job and can’t pay his bills. He spends most of his free time playing video games and whining about how he needs his space. I am only 20 and I have zero interest in moving too fast or getting married anytime soon (I don’t want to get married until I'm at least 30) but I would like to take the next step in our relationship and move in together- but I feel like he is content with his life at his moms place and despite all the talking, I'm not so sure if he really wants to move in with me. I mean, if he did, he would find a way to make it happen, right? When I ask him, he says, yes, he does, but he "can't promise anything". I'm not so sure if I am going to want to be with him for much longer if we don't live together because I know what I want in life and I know what being in love feels like now and sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time and my emotions and our relationship is going nowhere...Do you think (I know no one can know for sure) he will ever move in with me or should I just try to move on? Or should I just be patient and give him time?
If you really love him, and he loves you, there's no real problem here.
Sure, it would be great if he was more financially stable, and all set to leave "the nest", but you are both still very young, and you have only been together for a year and a half.

I know many people in their 20's who are still living with with their parents. It actually seems to be getting more normal these days. I think that's fine, as long as the person is, in some way, motivated to leave fairly soon.

Some, need a little PULL. And I'm using the word "pull" instead of push, because if you really want to help him do this, it's got to be like Tug Of War. Because if you "push" him when he's not ready, things are probably going to turn bad. With Tug Of War, even though someone's resisting, they still have control...they still have their hands wrapped around the rope. But don't let the word "war" make you feel like it should be a battle. Because ideally, if he feels like he has that control, you just have to make him want to get pulled!

And trust me, nagging him about it, or making him feel bad about living with his mom still, is not the way to go. You just need to focus on making him feel good about living with you.

You did say that he's working hard, so it's not like you have a total slacker on your hands.

But either way, if you just stay positive and be the best that you can be, and show that you love him regardless of issues in life, you're both going to help eachother to see what's best for both of you, and help each other to get there.

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