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Lesbian dreams?
I have been having a LOT of lesbian dreams. i'm 15 and as far as i know i'm straight.

anyone know what this means??
OK, dreams are the language of the soul. There is a code and it's no use taking wild guesses.
Homosexuality for a straight person means you're connecting to your other side.
You're centering yourself.
Lesbian dreams...?
ok...so i KNOW im not a lesbian lol im happily married to a wonderful man and our daughter will be 4 months on may 15...but lately ive been having lesbian dreams! im not attracted to women at all! and my husband and i have a very fulfilling sex life...however, it has gone down since ive had the baby...basically because im stretch marks galore lol and i wont even let him see me naked anymore...could this have something to do with it? why am i having dirty dreams about women?!?! help! lol
Contrary to what many would like to think, the 'stuff' of such dreams is within all of us, that is the imagery, male or female - it's part of the human condition.

What can trigger such dreams are things like life-changing events that do involve sexuality, such as your pregnancy and now a new-found post-partem state. That 'state' is quite normal - you gave alot of yourself for that guy to come into your lives. In doing so just think of the changes your body had to deal with - including the chemical changes. These of course are still going on as your body adjusts - again - to another 'new' state as a new mother. I'm sure you already know these things quite well.

So why the dreaming of women in this way?

There can be normal anxieties about whether your husband still finds you attractive - or ever will again. If he's a decent man, he will. But it does take time for the husband to adjust to these changes as well - and he now has to share your affections with your new guy. We men can be a bit like guyren ourselves when it comes to that - with all due respect to the gentleman - it takes time with some.

Couple these things with the flux of chemicals stirring about as your body returns to a non-pregnant 'normal' state and sensitivities you may have about your appearance and you can have some real anxieties about whether he finds you attractive or not. Add to that any hesitancy on his part and your subconscious questions increase.

But why women? That is the most sympathetic of all creatures you can identify with right now. Only another woman can really fully appreciate your plight at the moment - no man can really feel what you do, no matter how good or sensitive he is.

Why a sexual theme? Part of what you seem to be feeling - by what you've written - is an anxiety over your sex life with your husband. That makes sex then a perfectly normal plane for this dream to drift along on: you need strong empathy - another woman can identify with you; you need to know that you are still attractive - and you are still undergoing tons of hormone 'adjustments' that feed all kinds of feelings - the stars cross.

And it means nothing at all about your real 'orientation' one way or the other - anyone can have such dreams for a variety of reasons. Your likely reason just seems a bit more obvious given where you are in life at the moment.

Don't worry - give this time. Find time for him in whatever way he is receptive - even just ordinary things. Allow him - and yourself - to adjust over time. You are not likely to become the same 'body' he's always known - there's a 'price' for what you've given him and yourself - and your guy - new life.

But that 'price' can become a treasured and revered thing - the mark of motherhood in addition to the lover he's known. In a strong relationship, the two can combine into someone who glows more brightly for him than he'd imagined on your wedding day. That may be a bit rare - but hopefully the relationship will thrive around this and the temporary setback you may feel now will not really be remembered.

This I believe may be the source of your dreams - they are nothing to be ashamed of or to make you wonder. People 'realize' their sexual orientation finally as a 'waking' thing, not something of dreams - they find that they have conscious attractions. You sound very much still on course for the life you started with before this guy - not as if now suddenly on a different course toward looking for a girlfriend.

Hang in there, give yourself a break and give this time.

All the best to you and your new family for happiness.
Lesbian Dreams?
Have you ever had a sexual dream and it is always about a girl but you ARE straight and it's never about another guy? unless it is like kissing or something.

I know people say people have dreams about monsters and they arn't real so don't pay attention to your dreams but i am just wondering about you other girls or maybe guys who have gay dreams but are straight
If a heterosexual person is having a homosexual dream, it may have a variety of connotations. The interpretation of this dream, as with all others, is very personal and generalizations are difficult to make. This dream may be about loving yourself, especially if the other individual in your dream is a stranger
What does it mean if I have lesbian dreams?
I'm 18 years old and I'm NOT a lesbian, I am completely straight. I never fantasize about being with another woman...it doesn't seem appealing to me and I'm not even curious about it. But sometimes I have dreams that I'm doing things with another girl, like kissing her or doing sexual things. What does this mean?
Well I've heard lots of people having dreams of the same sex It's pretty common, my brother is gay and has had a dream he was with a woman, explain that one...lol I don't think it really means anything unless they're really bothering you or you have them every night.
I have lesbian dreams but am heterosexual. Is this normal?
I am a married heterosexual woman who has never had non-heterosexual experiences. I am not attracted to women and am very attracted to my husband. So why is it that more often than not, my sexual dreams involve women rather than men? I have dreamed about sex with my husband and with ex-boyfriends, but no other men. But I dream of sex with women I know and who I don't know. Is this normal? And I'm not just a closet lesbian in denial, so don't waste time suggesting it, please.
this is nothing strange or unusual to have! we all have these thoughts and desires. sub-consciousnesly you may want to try making love to another woman. i would not call you a closet lesbian? i would say that your bi-curious. i was bi-curious for many years of my life. and sometimes i do have a dream with a man in it. so don't torture yourself over these dreams you have! but if you have a desire to make love to a woman. my only suggestion is to find a good friend, and see if she will let you hug her or kiss her on the lips, and? well, see how it feels.
What does it mean to have lesbian dreams of the same person?
I've been having these dreams about kissing this one girl that I know. Now I'm trying to figure out if they mean something. Could this mean I'm a closeted homosexual?
Well no - sex is just an energy which you have LOT of when you're young. And when you're young, other girls are a LOT safer than some guy - and so you might be drawn to them - doesn't mean necessarily lesbianism. Lots of girls have sexal relations with other girls without being lesbians - but your experience is only in dreams.

So probably doesn't need to bother you - just enjoy yourself.
What does it mean if I keep having lesbian dreams?
At least a few nights a week I have these dreams, very very sexual dreams, of me and another woman. The dreams are usually very intense and very explicit. I can remember every detail like I was watching a movie. Does anyone know what this really means? Any girls out there who know what I'm going through?
well it could mean nothing dreams dnt have to mean anything but when your awake do you want to do stuff with a girl?? if u haven't ever done anything with a girl then u could just be curious
Lesbian dreams about me and my best friend often?
I keep having these dreams about my best friend. I think she's beautiful and lovely and i think i might be bisexual cos i can't stop thinking about her and wanting her. How can i stop the dreams though?

There's really no way to control your dreams, Until you stop thinking about her all time. Harder said than done, I know. Try thinking of something other than you BF before you go to bed. In fact some people can tell them selves to dream about a certain thing, and then they do. You can also try that. If that doesn't work, I would keep yourself occupied so that you are not thinking about her so much, because dreams are really just your brain reorganizing your thoughts and memories. IF that doesn't work, then see if you can find someone that you really enjoy being with besides your BF, see if you can focus your wanting to someone else. Hope this helps!
Why am I having these bad lesbian dreams?
I keep having bad dreams of another girl trying to touch me in a sexual way and I am trying to get away. Its really irritating me and I hate it. Why did I get this dream twice???
maybe youre not a lesbian, but there is a certain girl that youre interested in a sexual way??
How Do You Stop Scary Lesbian Dreams?!?
I keep having scary dreams where I'm having lesbian relations with a random girl or some girl i know. It makes me upset. I don't know why they happen. I'm NOT a lesbian and i just want to know what I can do to make them stop maybe.
You want it to stop? Then you just have to accept that it is just a dream and stop thinking about it. The more you think about it, the more the subconscious will think about it, especially in your dream. It is normal to have those dreams. You can't control what you dream of - there are other sexual dreams that others have that will be more upsetting to you compared to what is upsetting you. It's just a dream. Unless you are pondering or trying to deny the truth or you have a strong feeling about the subject matter. Treat it like most of your dreams, you just forget about it after - unless of course you fret about everythings.

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