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Where can i download free "Love Hina" manga scans without registering or going to adult sites?
I need to find a site in which i can be free of the hassles of registering my e-mail add. When I try to search for free "love hina" manga scans, I usually end up in adult and hentai sites. Sometimes i also end up in sites which require registration to download the manga scans. I would be grateful if you could tell me which sites are free from these hassles... could someone PLEASE help me?
Well you've come to the right place! I know where to get some and more! Just click on the links below:
Love hina manga?
where can i get love hina manga scans to read online
i noe here is it… u click on the ep u wan and wait it will ask u u wan to save or read file ^ ^
Where can i find readable manga scans of love hina?
most of the manga scans sites that i found on msn groups had manga scans that were not big enough to read the texts. I am grateful to find wonderful sites that translate manga for the public viewing, but the unreadable size of the text kind of spoils it.

I mean, I want sites where you don't need to download anything. just click and open webpages with the manga pages right there.
I found a msn group that works fine:… .

Hope this is good enough.
Where can i read working, full english manga scans of Love Hina?
a link would be nice
In a bookstore. They' have all the volumes, chapters in english. I've seen them.

If it's hentai manga, go see They're ton of them where Hina and her hot friends will make you hot, nose bleed and want to take it off.
Where can I find english scans of the manga Love Hina?
Mkay, so my friend let me borrow 1-13.
I've read all 13, and I really want to read 14 now.
But has taken off their's due to some copyright issues I suppose, and all other sites don't have it.
Except I found one, but it's like a half Japanese, half English version, which is really weird.
Anyone know if there's any sites where I can read the 14th volume at least?
Try to download at or Those websites have loads of manga inclusive of Love Hina.. Enjoy!!!
Need some manga sites fast?
need some love hina manga download sites
or some love hina manga scans
the best ones are=

- this is a quick read and you can read each page and they have a zoom click. this is my favorite and i use it EVERYDAY.

- you must download and you have to have a certain type of software. it doesn't always work for me though (it slows down or does a auto-cancel). i would still try this one even though its hard to work.
+ some pointers if you use this: when you find your manga and click on it, make sure to scroll down.
+ you cannot download entire books, only chapters.
when you download this, it will NOT harm or 'infect' your computer.
+ the chapter that you download will be on your desktop. there will be two of them, but only one works. delete the one that doesn't work.

good luck and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where can I download the full manga volume of Love Hina for free?
It can be scans, what's important is that I can download it. Got it? Download it.
bittorent might be the best option.
Love Hina: the novel????
i dont get it wat is it? is it manga..or is it like just words?!
if its manga where can i find free manga scans of it?
It's a light novel. A light novel is sort of like a mature picture book. It has frequent pictures (every couple pages) and instead of speech bubbles, it is written in the format of a book. It tends to have big print and the lines are double spaced. Its a lot quicker read than manga.
In the case of love hina, the novel has a nice story to it, but its kind of a let down when you compare it to the manga.

It was released by tokyopop, and there are no scans, but its usually a couple dollars cheaper than the manga.

Oh, and its just an extra story, not a re-telling or anything.

It's alright, but I thought the manga (and anime) were so much better. A lot more story for your money. Only buy it if you saw the anime, read the manga, and still can't get enough.…


To summarize. Its a new series of books (easy to read books, not comics) about Love Hina. It takes place pretty much mid-manga, after Keitaro moves in, but before he dates Naru, Its sort of like high quality fan fiction. Seeing as you need more love hina so much, I would buy it used off amazon or barnes and noble. You can probably get the books for under $5 each. Some good reviews on Amazon (see link above)
Love hina: the novel. Where is it?
not the manga or graphic novel but "love hina: the novel" there are two love hina novels out there in text. are there any scans of it that i can download or torrent somehow?

There are also two novels from Love Hina, both named Love Hina: the novel (both written by the series' anime screenwriters, volume 1 by Sho Aikawa (as Kurou Hazuki), volume 2 by Hiroyuki Kawasaki), which have been released
in Japan and have been released in the US by TOKYOPOP, the US publisher of the manga.

The story is a comedy of the shōnen genre about a clumsy young man with an unparalleled amount of personal drive despite having horrible luck. After failing to get into Tokyo U (the college of his dreams), he visits his grandmother's onsen only to discover it has been turned into a girls dorm.
After his grandmother gives him the deed to the building, he has the tough job of being landlord, studying to get into Tokyo U, and dealing with the girls living there, who never pass up an opportunity to humiliate him.

Love Hina: The Novel, Vol. 2 (Paperback)
by Hiroyuki Kawasaki (Author), Ken Akamatsu (Author)……

Love Hina, Volume 1 (Comic)
by Ken Akamatsu (Author)

Try these maybe, most sites i found want money and to sell.

©, love hina manga scans