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Why is not wearing panties or underwear considered nasty (by some)?
Personally I dislike wearing panties unless it is that time of the month. Panties always end up in my butt (wedgie) and the crotch area tends to become moist by the end of the day. Of course I have good hygiene. I shower, I wipe using water and paper after using the toilet, etc. I just don't like to wear panties unless I have to.
I am guessing you are female and it is other women who find this gross? All women have discharge, there is no way denying it, it is fact. There is also the issue of perspiration (which you admit that you have) and with that comes odor. So you are basically getting your discharge, your perspiration and your odor all over your clothing. THAT is gross to think about. Put some panties on.
Why is it "cute" for girls to wear boxers but "nasty" when males wear panties or thongs?
I had an argument about this earlier and would like to see hat others have to say
because most men are hairy down there and hairy is sick
Can I pick up anything nasty by sniffing a pair of a girl's used panties?
What about viruses such as HIV and the like? I was given a pair as a souvenir by a 'Lady' I was with recently.
a wonderful smell, that's what you'll pick by sniffing her panties...enjoy
Is it nasty, when a male or female don't wear underwear or panties?
In hot weather i hate, to wear underwear under my shorts or jeans. And i think it is sexy when women don't wear them also. What do you think
I do not wear underwear as I prefer the "freedom". It is not nasty if you keep yourself clean.
Is it possible to get a yeast infection from wearing no panties?
Don't tell me Im nasty or that I am a freak...honest&informative answers please. I only wear panties about 2 times a week could this result in a yeast infection?
no, it allows it to breathe better
What kind of panties should I wear with a THIN coogi dress?
The dress is a fitted short kinda dress and I wanted 2 know what kind of panties 2 wear. BTW the dress is yellow also keep in mind that its THIN & SHORT! O yea...its my bf bday and we r going out to dinner so Im not trying to look like a hood rat/slut/nasty girl THX
thong or none, and if wearing non tell him to take pics with his flash on :]
Is it wrong to tell your girlfriend that you think not wearing panties when she is out is slutty and nasty?
She says it was for me but she was out with her girlfriends and not even coming to see me so I mean how is it for me? I don't mind if she does it shes grown she can do as she pleases I just have my opinion because I was raised to believe that it was unlady like to do that. But to make it clear again, whatever she does she can do, I just had an opinion in which she asked for.
It's not slutty or nasty, I don't wear underwear, mainly just because I like how it feels not to wear them and she probably was doing it for you in the beginning and just likes how it feels now, it's normal...doesn't mean just cause she doesn't have panties on she's going to drop her pants anywhere and start screwing people. Now if she is doing it when wearing skirts of short dresses, then that is definitely unlady-like and not very cool at all, could open her legs a certain way and the whole room will have a show. If she does that then maybe you should discuss that and how it makes you feel but the fact that she doesn't wear panties doesn't make her slutty or anything of the sort, let her do whatever makes her comfortable, it's her body.
How much bras+panties should i have?
Okay so im like 13 and super active so i do sweat and like to change my bra/undies sometimes after that. and i dont re wear bras cuz its just really nasty.
i have 4 bras *2 are super tight* and 6 panties..
And there all stupid and plain. ugh.

So how many should i have im in 8th grade btw.
i at least want a weeks worth..? for when school start? Is that so wrong?
That's not wrong, you should have a week's worth or more - it makes it so much easier because you don't have to do laundry so often.

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