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All Comments

Can you find a website with a gallery of redhead MALE celebrities?
all the ones i find are only women celebrities or random people.
i only found this..…
Do you think the redhead or the blonde looks prettier?
The redhead is the one in the middle between two blondes:…
Taylor Swift.
Why do people not appreciate redhead beauty?
I think they're unique. Example:…
I don't know I think there just jealous
Personal I love white people with red hair
From brunette to redhead?
Okay, I'm a brunette, but I'm a little bored. I want to go redhead, but I'm not sure how. I dyed it red, it came out darrkkk though. I love it, but I want to go for that natural kind of orangey-red colour.

Basically, I want to go from this colour:

To this colour:…

Or this colour:…

How would this be possible? Would I need to bleach? ANY information (links, experiences, etc) will be appreciated.
Don't dye your hair red...
The MOST Beautiful RedHead of all time??

1.Alyson Hannigan ( willow )

2. Kate Winslet

3. Alicia Witt

4. Nikki Cox

5. Lindsay Lohan

6. Julianne moore

7. Gillian Anderson

8. Karen Elson

9. Shirley Manson

( shes a natural redhead not this color tho obviously )

10. Rita Hayworth

11.Marcia Cross
10 Rita Hayworth she exuded class with every breath she took.
POLL: redhead or brunette?
this is me:

which would you rather see me with: a redhead girlfriend or a brunette? choose wisely..


brown, no one likes reds
Poll: redhead or blonde?
this is me...

would you rather to see me with a redhead girlfriend or a blonde?
choose wisely..



last one.
POLL: blonde or redhead?
this is me:

which would you rather see me with: a redhead girlfriend or a blonde? choose wisely..


Uhhh. It really depends on YOUR preference.
Not ours.
Poll: blonde or redhead?
this is me:

which would you rather see me with: a redhead girlfriend or a blonde? choose wisely..


What color accessories should a redhead wear with an all black dress?
I tried googling and nothing really came up. For prom, I am wearing an all black dress, with a netted top, no sleeves, straight down. I am trying to figure out what color I should use as my accent color and I don't want one that will clash with my hair. Any redheads know of a good color or any stylist know of a good color? Please link to something with the color you are refering to. To get the best answer/ten points you must link to at least one color! THANK YOU SO MUCH! My type of red is a mix of these two colors:……
for accessories, I'd go with white rhinestones with pearls- like if you find some nice earrings and a ring that has those things it will look nice with your hair. You can also try looking for earrings and a bracelet that have ruby colored rhinestones and that will give a rich look to the dress.

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